Earn From Merchify | Create and Sell

Earn Money by Designing your Own Product


What is Merchify?

On this portal you can create and sell t-shirts designed by you,Set your price and set your margin of profits.To make your earning easy,no inventory headache, no delivery issue merchify gives ease of doing business from home it sells your designed products on Shopify. Earn by selling T-shirt designs an easy way of earning good money
Link to Merchify –>>> Click Here

How it Works?

Merchify Straps afull-scale merchandise production and distribution platform to your shopify store.
Gives you on demand solution instead of creating an inventory.

Step 1:

If you are on shopify just install the app from shopify Website or you can directly download it from Mechify website.

Step 2:

Create Your Product with App

  1. Select the product you want to sell like Shirt, T-shirt etc.
  2. Choose the SKU for your product.
  3. Give and awesome description to your product
  4. Make sure you upload a high resolution product on the app.
  5. Now Set your price according to your margin you want.
  6. Last step is Save the product on app.

Step 3:

Now the most important part we are left with is to publish your product directly on to shopify because merchify only add your product to shopify then you need to accept it and publish or activate your product on the app.

Step 4:

All the processing and delivery work is done by them, on behalf of you they send the shipping details and tracking details to customers.
You will get the email notifications for shipment of orders and also for the new orders
Now you are ready to earn by designing T-shirts

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