Earn Online by Giving Reviews on Mouthshut

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Yes you’ve heard it right you can earn by a mode of reviewing the products on a website mouthshut.

There is my favoritism to this website which bent me to them because they genuinely paid me. People are searching everywhere to find ‘how to make money online’, ‘how earn without paying’, ‘Genuine websites that give real money’ which is ineffectual and that is why I wrote on this topic so that I can provide you with some useful, Though the earning from this website is finite. So start earning money from home.

There are many Other Ways Of Making Money Online for Free of Cost.

What Mouthshut does?

It is an online reviewing website mouthshut which gives you MS Points for every review you post and also for adding or referring it.

You get 20 to 40 MS Points according to your review

1 MS Point = 1 Indian Rupee

and for referring you get 50 MS points

You can make payout once you have reached 500 MS Points minimum

Is Mouthshut Genuine?

Yes, definitely it is genuine.All you need is patience because they do not give you money just by your reviews,it should genuine,after checking on all parameters they reject or accept your review for payout.

What are the categories you can review on Mouthshut?

There are lots of categories to choose from,some are

  • Books
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Bikes
  • Cars
  • Movies
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Restaurant
  • Business

and many more to select from

My Experience with Mouthshut

Since I searched out a lot in finding different ways to earn, which almost went in vain, but at the end I found a little ray of hope out of all the time I’ve flushed on this thing and success it was, that I am sharing with you guys, so you do not have to suffer like I did to find these safer options to earn. You won’t become a millionaire but at least you will make some money out of this, I hope you would like this and if you want me to look for other options too just comment below. since I have made some money from this website that is why I am keen to drive you to this little earning portal. 🙂

How to Start your campaign on Mouthshut?

  • Register Yourself on website for free
  • Connect your payment method i.e PayPal
  • Fill Your Personal Details
  • Your ready to go!! hurray!!
  • Invite friends to Earn More on every invite that joins with your link
If you’re a designer by profession you can start online business too


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