How to Make Money from Musicxray for Free

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About MusicXray

The sole purpose of this blog is to tell you about this website MusicXray and How it works.

I had heard about this MusicXray on several websites and blogs, that it gifts free money for every you song listen on it, they adds about $ 0.10 for each song you listen to in your account registered on it, all you need is to simply sign up and connect your payment account to it and you are to ready to begin your musicxray journey.

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Is Musicxray Genuine?

Most of you must have a doubt, that is it genuine or not, so to clear it I’d say yes it is genuine website which gives you money though in a small fraction but they do, they are not fake.

What does Musicxray do?

They take up the songs from the new artists who are desperate to spread their music melody into this world by the means of money,yeah they are paying you money for listening to their songs.

What you have to do for Musicxray?

Just nothing all you need is to register this website and after that they will ask you are you an artist or a fan

if you want to earn money then you have to select that you are fan,the next step will be to select the category of music and also you have to select some music bands so that they can easy find you some songs to listen.

Now you are ready to begin.

How much one can make out from Musicxray?

Their are lost of blog and youtube channels who says that you can earn around $10/day.

For me i must say no,i have never got that much of amount even in month because they do not list you with huge list of songs. They mail you when ever there will a song for you to listen but many times it happens when you checkout the website after getting the mail is that there is no song to listen how they mailed saying you have new song to listen,so what actually happens is they provide the song for a very limited time and few user could get the amount.

How long would it take to make huge money from Musicxray?

I won’t suggest you to solely depend on this site,even i did not got much from this website but still i do this just to add a little amount because i do not want to miss any opportunity

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