This Should Make You Proud of Your Country

I came across a lot of stories some delivers happiness, some pose the imbalance in this world, as a result of it some are living hostile life and due this opaqueness or darkness on the eyes of  people, who are living an impartial life couldn’t see through the eyes of the one’s living life on the harder side and I’m sharing a video which is narrated so nicely by Mohammed Sadriwala.

Why he is Proud of His Country?

Mohammed Sadriwala tells you why he is proud to be born in his Country. Mohammed’s badi ammi was shopping on the streets of Iraq when she met a 12 year old boy, an encounter that will move a million hearts.

This Story actually made me cry and I had goose bumps a few time, this story tells me the optimistic side of life, Why you should be happy, Why you should not complain about life, There are a lot of things you own but still you look for more and hate yourselves for not having it with you or feel unfortunate.

Now Just Lets Get Into This Video

Subtitles are there in the video, which makes it more easier to understand for everyone 🙂


Author: Anonymous Writer

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