7 Amazing Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

  1. Raking your leaves destroys ecosystems. Fallen leaves create a natural layer that butterflies, moths, salamanders, chipmunks, box turtles, toads, shrews, worms, and other species rely on for food and shelter.

  2. The perfect length of time to be on vacation is 8 days. Your health and wellness levels rise rapidly while on vacation, but they peak on the 8th day and return to baseline within your first week back no matter how long you’re gone. Because lengthier vacations don’t seem to make a difference, experts say the key to improved overall satisfaction is to take more vacations, not longer ones.

  3. Women have twice as many pain receptors on their body then men. But a much higher pain tolerance.

  4. The most ticklish part of the human body is the roof of the mouth. Most people can tickle themselves there. Try it.

  5. Dancing with your friends makes you feel part of something bigger than yourself, gives you a merged sense of you and them, strengthens your relationships, builds trust, and raises your pain tolerance.

  6. With the introduction of happy meal, Mc’Donald’s  quickly became the largest toy distributor in the world.

  7. We get goosebumps because our ancestors were once covered in thick body hair. When the tiny muscles in each follicle contracted, the hair would stand on end to insulate their skin or make them look larger when threatened. These muscles may seem useless now that we aren’t fully covered with hair, but recent discoveries show that they also protect the stem cells our skin needs to heal itself when injured.

Author: Anonymous Writer

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